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mounting a d-tek heatcore. how?

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Apr 21, 2001
Den Haag, The Netherlands
I have received my 2 d-tek heatercores the other day but it has no mounting point.

Since I won't be using a push/pull system, just a pull system on both heatercores.

I'm using the Yeong Yang YY-B420 case which has 2 120mm fan holes in it's front-left.
The heatercores will be mounted on the inside of the case behind two 120mm holes. Both holes have 4 mounting holes for a fan.

I have 2 shrouds I will be using to put the fan's on. But how do I mount the heatercores? Any idea's?

Thanks in advance.
I just pushed the 2 rods/pins i got throught the raditor. Make sure u dont punch the pipes inside or it will leak. You have to gently screw it carefully. They should have mounting points instead in the future if everyone tells dtek
ok, that is an idea. but doesn't the heatercore only have 2 mount point instead of 4? I only got 2 long screws and wing nuts per heatercore.
this also means that the fan will only be mounted with 2 screws instead of 4.

I guess it's a nice thought to buy 2 more long screws and 4 wingnuts, right?
I only got 2 too. I got the same DTEK combo as you. The rad dosent have mounting points, u just have to push those rods in trhough one of thoose holes just make sure they dont piece the tubes inside eitherwise it will leak
I know, I read it during a review I think.

Well, I will think it over about using 4 screws for a more secure fix in the case.

Maybe I will check how it works with just the 2 screws this weekend.
I only got 2 bolts in my mounting kit as well. Seems kind of cheesy to me. I requested another set and they sent them to me. I can't remember if they charged me or not.
about mounting the HC to the case.

like I said in my first post I'm jst gonna use 1 fan per HC. pull system, not push/pull.

basically it's like this: fan-shroud-heatercore-case <-air pulled in by fan