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FRONTPAGE MSI MPG A1000G PCIe 5.0 1000W Power Supply Overview

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Nov 1, 1998
MSI was kind enough to loan us its latest version of the popular A1000G PCIE5 power supply. In this overview, we take a look at the features and specifications of the new PCIe 5.0-capable power supply. With Intel's current 12th Gen Core processors and the soon-to-launch Intel 13th Gen and AMD's Ryzen4 AM5 CPUs, PCIE5 will finally become the mainstream connector for high-end GPUs and NVMe SSDs. We start by looking at the specifications table.
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Ooooh, a CWT build. Nice! If I remember CWT builds catered to business servers. Nice to see them going towards the PC enthusiast market.
Shhhh! I've been faking it for 9 years. LOL

Actually, never heard of them before. I don't do much on the server side of the biz.
Ahh, gotcha. Dam I'm sorry, I hope no one else knows. Your secret is safe with me :thup: Yeah back in the day CWT was a major player for server grade PSU's. Me thinks they're OEM for TT and some Corsair units as well.
I need to find the list... but CWT has been the base of many consumer-class PSUs... at least they were...not sure now.
Hmmm. Well, O.K. Hmmm. Thanks Joe. Thought I knew how to do that function. How do I make it another color Bold Link?

Should be fixed now. Also, please note it's an older comprehensive list; there may be newer info available.
Before Xenforo you couldn't change the color of a link. Not sure about now as I haven't tried it.
Spent the morning trying to find a PCIe5 PSU 165mm or shorter to go with my incoming MSI 4090, this seems like the best fit. Ordered from the official MSI store since nowhere else had it in stock yet. Hopefully they ship fast, there was no upgraded shipping option, only basic fedex.