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Need advice on Intel boards please.

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May 23, 2002
yeah so i here about this odd company called Intel that makes cpu's...but I've never heard about the motherboards for em :p

joking aside i'm not quite up to date on the exact specifics of the newer chipsets and boards.

I'm looking for a board that has this:
Excellent OCing options, i.e. decent Vcore adjustments (gonna be watercooled). memory adjustments (atleast 2.9), agp adjustments

I'm gonna be running 2x256 TwinMos PC3700 (bh-5), just stating so you can tell me about incompatability before hand

for features all I want is onboard LAN and sata, don't care about anything else

and the kicker, around 100 bucks...120 is really pushing my limit so nothing over 120.

I was looking at the AI7, and P4P800....is the deluxe affect OCign at all or just have added features like firewire and stuff?


Grandpa Dan

Nov 1, 2003
OC moderator @intelforums.net
Intel does not promote ocing their cpu's. Care to guess their stance with their mobo's? If you want a very stable board at stock speed and have absolutely zero interest in ocing then an Intel board is perfect.