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Need Help Overclocking my PC

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Aug 21, 2016
Hello First of all i want to note that I mostly leave my PC turned on for days maybe more than a week and also i might do a hard 3D Rendering "3D Animation work" and also want to increase my FPs in games...

My specs :

Mother Board MSI 970A-G46 MS 7693
AMD FX (tm) 4100 Quad Core
Ram 8 GB Kingston DDR3 Currently on 667MHz each 4 GB Ram (DDR3-1333)

Power Supply Cooler Master 550 Elite 2

So what do you think i increase the CPU, GPU and the ram if possible to?

If you are looking to increase your FPS count when gaming and do a lot of 3D rendering, you will get the most benefit from overclocking you GPU.

As for the CPU, a lot of this will depend on your cooling setup. if you are just running on the stock heatsink that came with the CPU, you may have trouble keeping it cool when overclocked. be sure to monitor temperatures closely while you experiment.

Furthermore, your motherboard uses 4+1 phase power to the CPU, which is on the low side (more phases = better power stability), and that motherboard apparently is know for having failure-prone VRMs, so they will likely get very hot when overclocked. you may wish to consider adding a fan specifically to blow down onto the VRM heatsink.

Basically, I would first work on your CPU speed, then work on overclocking the RAM. This will likely require a lot of trial-and-error to determine what is stable for your setup and won't overheat. From there, there are various programs like MSI afterburner, etc. that will allow you to overclock your GPU.

Here is a guide on overclocking FX-series CPUs:
MSI motherboards don't hold up well when overclocking AMD CPUs. Their power phase components are not very rugged. They seem to hold up okay when overclocking Intel CPUs, however since Intel CPUs draw less power.