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need to make my radiator cooling more quiet..

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Nov 30, 2002
i was thinking...
i found a case of panaflo 21dba fans for a good deal online
right now, i have a Nidec TA450DC (40dba, 92cfm) shrouded onto my procore. I'm running it on my Pyramid which is normal giving out ~7-9v depending on the temp (according to my multimeter) It sounds a lot loader then 32dba at that anverage voltage which is 9 (warm room).
my guess right now would be that its around 50-60cfm right now (without the radiator/filter resistance that is) probably 30cfm with the resistence of the procore and filter.
i a little clueless to the whole static pressure deal, but that shouldn't matter a lot with radiators right?
anywho, i know a panaflo 80mm has very little static pressure and cfm... but how about 4 of them? thats about all i can fit on my radiator (perfect fit, btw).
thats 96cfm @ ~27.63dbA
if it each one were to drop even to 12cfm, 48cfm with resistence would be nice and so quiet..
do u guys think this is right or am i just talking nonsense?