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New to watercooling...

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Bobby Manus

Dec 17, 2000
Southern California
I have never expiermented with a water cooled system ever. Are there any kind of kits that I could get with all I need to cool an amd system? What kind of price range here? Any specific kit you guys recomend?
http://www.dangerden.com is probably the best place to pick up quality cooling. The Maze 2 is very popular as far as water blocks go, but determining a price would be difficult. Generally $150 would get you a very nice water rig w/o a peltier, but you can also come up with ideas to build your own system if you are handy with tools. My rig ran in the $60 range.

Browse Danger Den's site and you'll get a better idea of what's available, and the front page has a ton of reviews and tips as well.
Yep, I'd agree with the Danger Den comments - they're one of the top watercooling suppliers (not that there are many, it's a niche market). I have their original 'maze' block, and I'm using it with the copper cooling cube radiator. There's other stores such as www.overclock-watercool.com that I'm not familiar with, but also have good reputations. Check out ProCooling for some great watercooling articles and reviews, and of course there's loads of articles here at oc.com.

Like Shadow says, it's hard to suggest a price - if you want to buy all purpose-built stuff, either individually or as a kit, it'll probably cost around 150 bucks. However, you can save a lot on a radiator by picking up an old car heater core from a scrap yard - again, there's a few articles on using heater cores as radiators here at oc.com. You could, if you have the tools, make your own waterblock, but it probably wouldn't perform as well as the purpose-built offerings from the proffesional vendors.

Also check out Spode and SurlyJoe's site for some more crazy ideas. My one bit of advice when going watercooling would be to read around a lot, make sure you have a good idea of what's involved - it's not hard to make a good watercooling rig, but it does take some planning and thought. Have fun :)
I am starting to lean towards water cooling over air just becuase I dont like the idea that I put the bigest strongest hs/f on my processor which is blowing all that hot air up and spreading it all over the rest of the case. Water cooling would not spread the heat as much if any at all corect? Its all done threw pipes?
Tubing, it's all done through tubing and no, it doesn't spread the hot air to the other components. As a matter of fact, when I installed mine for the first time my system temps were 32C and after I got it all working and I didnt do anything to the case cooling mind you, my system temps dropped to 22C. That is also my ambient(room temp). You will love the water cooling stuff, I know I do.
To a certain point I am willing to build my own... Going to a junkyard and taking out car parts is beyond me, but the local hardware store or home depot is fine with me. I cant pay 150$ for some cpu cooler but 80-100 for a home built one is ok in my book. Im going to start reading some How To's and what not...
The biggest thing I'd say about you building your own system is to BUY the DangerDen MAZE2 waterblock. So far it has outdone EVERY other waterblock out. I have one and am VERY pleased with it. If you get nothing else, get that waterblock, you won't be sorry.