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Newbie Case Question

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New Member
Dec 29, 2000
I'm buying a new computer, including a new case. I plan on overclocking, but I have a few questions.

1)Will an ATX case support almost any mobo/proc combo?

2)I've heard some people mention Antec cases (Going by memory think thats who makes em) The one I'm thinking of has 4 80mm fan slots built in, will this be suffiiceint? Also can anyone else list some other cases that have easy access?

3)I've done a bit of reading on water cooling, Does it help that much? or would fans be good enough?

4)I haven't been able to find a lot of information on airflow, (mabey I never looked hard enough) but I was wondering if anyone has some links on fan location and air flow.

Thanks in advance
Water cooling is not needed. Air cooling has been working great for most people. here is a site w/ cooling and case mods. This should help you out.

The case you are talking about are the Antec SX830 or SX1030. I have the SX830 and love it. All you have to do is add the two 80mm fans up front and you are ready to go and they just snap in place. Mine keeps case temp = to room temp with a P3 600@841 and helped lower the CPU temp as well. In my opinion it makes more sense to buy a case that works and cools well than buying just any case and then chopping it all up to make it cool right. And for $80 the Antec does that and has a good power supply to boot.