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Newbie Question

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New Member
May 16, 2001
Hey folks,

Since i'm an overclocking newbie and would like to try and do this without killing my system I had a starter question. This is probably beyond newbish but heres goes.

I just got my T-bird 1 gig (266 FSB) and a Thermaltake Mini Super Orb (Dual Fan). Now my question lies here: I bought some artic silver II and was wondering how much and where do I apply the grease? The chip has 4 rubber(?) spots near each edge. Do I spread the paste in a square shape in the center of the chip or do I cover the entire chip including those rubber spots?

Any help would be much appreciate.

The little(~1cm by 1cm) blue/green/?red piece glass is the actual CPU. Apply an even layer of thermal paste to to top of this, 1/1000th of an inch thick. I haven't been able to attain this level of perfection. Just put the thinnest layer of ASII you can on the top of the CPU, without leaving bare spots.

With thermal paste, less is more.