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next toy advice.CPU wise

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Dec 24, 2001
no flaming wars here pls!
im not wanting hard facts just opinions.and people who own wide verieties of systems or have had tham,would be the best to answer this i think.

ok so im finishing up my main rig here soon.my backup is getting some more ram and its done.gfd also on its way.anyhow im thinking of starting a new from scratch system.

1.i dont want top of the line cpu's.i could just upgrade my 2200 in that case.
2.open to any cpu or platform here.emphisis on fun and playing and learing.new or old also.
3.gonna be purchesed peice by piece a little at a time when spare cash pops up.
4.i dont want a fortune in it also.dually might be ok long as the stuff is whithin reason.
5.it will fold so i do want it strong enough to throw a few WU's out.
6.it WONT game, i know that. dont know what utll be used for except folding and sitten there waiten for me to play with.
7.can be used or new stuff.

i will add anything else i can think off but just looken for some ideas is all.

"edit" wow after reading this it sounds like i really need a G/F. :eh?:
If I understand your "sig" correctly...I'd hang onto the cpu/mobo for now, and concentrate on upgrading the memory and vid card in it.

Watercool the machine...this is something when put together, can be used with this, and perhaps your next cpu/mobo combo as well.

If you are looking to just build an entire third machine as opposed to upgrading (which I think is the case really), consider building a duallie. I picked up a pair of XP1600+'s (easily moddable for SMP use) and a MSI K7D Master-L for $300 not long ago. I've got the pair unlocked, and storming along at 1750MHz each/3.5GHz total, which would beat a single high end P4 price and performance wise.

Have fun, whichever way you go... :beer:

ty mrB, just the kinda input im looking for.

yeh i have a plan to finish up the parts on my main rig soon.
ram for sure,h20 is being considered.ive done it before and loved it.video card,im not so sure about tho.curently what i have plays high end games rather well.except for 128mb system ram makes it jerky.fixing that now.

and yeh im looking into a 3rd machine not just upgrading.reason is ive never owned a slotA or a tbird matter of fact and i really like this epox/tbird combo.would break my heart to give it up.i even made the hs by hand.

hmmm i need to look at some benifits to smp/dually machines.playing/learning aspect its right on the money.would fold like crazy i hear also.but is kinda hard not to think p4 and hyperthreading if it can be done on a lower mhz chip.still researching that.

with what applications does a dually stand out on? isnt it more a server type machine?as i stated its mostly a fun/learning toy,i dont do nothing business related will it just be a waste besides the folding aspect?

just getten some ideas :D