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Nice Temp Drop with ac3 First Time

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Aug 28, 2001
Nice Temp Drop with Artic Silver 3 First Time

Just thought id post a quick note.
Thanks to all in the forums for making this easier to do. Id never fitted a heatsink before so before I go out and buy an xp2400 I thought id better practice with my thunderbird 1.4 and SK6.
After taking the heatsink off first thing i noticed was there was no sign of any left over paste just a nice shiny core which i could read, and the base of the heatsink had an impression of the writing which was readable as well, so I followed advice of these forums and after cleaning and apply the Artic Silver 3 and refitting and my temps have dropped a whopping 7c from 49c to 42c this was done 30 mins ago so maybe it will drop a bit more as it settles.
Just one other thing I purchased a coolerguys shim as I was afraid of cracking the core, but I forgot to put it in lol, but I took my time and all went fine.
Thanks all ;)
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Welcome To The Forums !

Glad to see some of the knowledge on the board is helping you out. Very nice Temp drop with "AS3" , I don't know why alot of people is calling it "AC3" now days but I'm already used to it lol. Just wanted to say Good Job on your Temp Drop and Welcome to the forums !
Namagomi said:
AC3 is a high quality audio format invented by Dolby, I believe. maybe someone got confused along the way, and everyone one else just went with it? =D
LOL! =o) Um.... Did you say "High quality" ?
I would describe it as a "Surround capable" audio format with quality aspect of Mp3.
LOL! They sure have stuff in common, like the "3" and they are both lossy compressions of audio.

I hope I didn't make any Dolby fanatic angry.... ;)

/Paxmax (who is a strong beliver of DTS)
I can vouch for AS3 as well... just this very hour I am running on AS3 for the first time using my MIST silent twin, that ran on the AL that came with it... dropped 10 c's straight...

Easiet 10 c's I've removed from my CPU ever.
I just put AS3 on da core today, the temp dropped from 62c full load to 49 full load, idle temp dropped from 56c to 43c.... man, this thingy is amazing. Even my case temp is 34c usually and very bad airflow. XP 2000+, volcano 7+ at medium speed.
The mods are going to kill me for this link, but I wrote a review on the next thermal compound that Arctic Silver is releasing, called Ceramique. It is a prototype, but it is fairly informative. All the information I could get from Nevin is there.:


*runs from the mods*

I am hoping that it gets on the front page, i already submitted it. Im using it right now, and that stuff is great, though VERY sticky.