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Odd Notebook Problem

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What have I done! Member
May 17, 2005
My daily driver is an old Dell Latitude D830 with a 2.2GHz T7500 CPU. I'm getting an odd problem with the CPU being stuck at 600MHz (3x200). Usually powering down, pulling the battery, then rebooting will restore to CPU to its rated speed. Looking at CPU-z the lowest multi is 6, so seeing it at 3 is kinda baffling. Anyone seen this before? Is it letting me know I need to start shopping for a new notebook or just an odd quirk?


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First look at Task manager whats taking 100% of cpu usage end task or even delete file if it isnt part of the system file might be the virus. Secondly its high possibility that power settings are messed up in control panel check those out try putting min and max cpu load to 100%. Also check other settings set them to max performance while on charger.
The CPU was running at 100% because it is basically a pentium 3 trying to run Windows 10 when the multiplier is stuck at 3. ;) It was more than likely updating Defender when I took the screenshot.

As I said in my OP, the CPU multiplier will go back to 11 after a shut down, pull AC and battery power, then reboot.
I have no idea how you managed to install win 10 on that thing. Wasn't looking at laptop model sorry. I would try with another battery if I could manage one, I believe its simply dying. Sorry I wasn't of any help GL
a pentium III? didn't those had 'when not at full power, drop the multiplier like mad to save power' internal setups? possibly something in that has gone wrong. but you are looking at a very old PC there. might be time to upgrade anyhow