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Okay, I want to set up mandrake, and I am a newb.

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Script Kiddie

Jul 4, 2002
I have an Epox 8k5a2+ with a HP 372 Raid controller, when I start up the mandrake installer it prompts for what hard disk drivers I want to install. Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm supposed to state that I have that HP 372. I searched for that chip on the list, but I couldn't find anything by Highpoint.

Give me a hand, maybe one day I'll be more than a Script kiddie...
You'll probably have problems with that Raid controller. Why do so many ppl on the foum use Raid for their main rigs? It's faster write, but slower read and I think you read more than you write to a hard drive.
If you're a linux noob, RAID will be an unneccessary hassle. Dump raid for now and install it on a single drive. You won't notice it if you set it up right anyway.

onboard HPT riad

Ultimately, the solution will probably require that you install linux onto a single hdd and then compile a kernel that will support the HPT controller. It may not be a simple process either.

www.highpoint.com should have linux drivers and instructions.

I went ahead and installed RH8 on another box and will be working on making the kernel dig my HPT 372 controller. I think its a great excuse to get down and dirty with the configuration and strip away a lot of excess junk from the kernel at the same time. I'm a n00b, so I'm proceeding slowy, but there's tons of information available if you take the time to search for it.