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SOLVED Opinion on HSF

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Just want everybodies opinion. I just got a Volcano II with Arctic silver II. Right now my comp idles at 46C. Seems kinda hot to me. What i was wondering is if i want to overclock my cpu will this combination be good enough? Is anybody else out there using this setup?

First of all you are running way too hot at idle. So you might want to check and make sure you have the HSF on right and the fan pointing in the right direction. Secondly the way to see if its a good HSF is to just try it out. I don't know a lot about that HSF but i do know there are better ones out there. For instance the Alpha PAL 6035, and also Swiftech makes great ones also. If you can overclock it without having to raise the cv then your temps should be ok. Its when you raise the cv that you create heat and the problems can happen.
what are you getting the tempuratur reading from?...If you are using ASUS monitor, subtract roughly 10 degrees celsius from it, IF possible use MotherBoard Monitor, the Asus Monitor will report temps to high when they're actually okay temps.....
Those temps are actually in the bios. i am running Asus probe and that actually reports 56C.
What kind of case are you using, how many fans...fan config...ETC ETC, how good is the airflow in case.
I'm just using a generic case with 2 case fans. Out the back and in the front. I don't know how good the airflow is cause i don't know how to tell between good airflow and bad. Looks alright i guess.

Oh and under load i get temps around 49C max. Asus probe reports 59C.
you can have too much? I mean i didn't glob it on but i did put a healthy amount on there.
Just a stupid question, but did you clean the heatsink off after removing the phase change material?
yeah i did the best i could. used some rubbing alcohol and qtip
even a "healthy amount" would be too much...you really want a paper thin layer (or a bit less) of AS on the die.

I'd use a sturdy cotten rag to wipe the HS thoroughly to remove all traces of the old thermal pad. Then the alcohol.

If the HS is cheesy and not Extremely smooth, you may consider lapping it.

The volcano has received some pretty bad reviews around these parts.