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Orb HSF damaging CPU?

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Jul 8, 2001
I've only mounted an orb twice. Once on a friends machine and once on mine. Both times I felt they required FAR too much force to hook the clips on the ZIF socket. Consequently, when I booted my machine afterwards I fried my T-bird 1.2 because I damaged the core when I mounted it (assuming, its the only thing that makes sense) Thank god the CPU was only a week old and I got it replaced, without going into detail of how I did it of course :) The clip system is the one that uses all three hooks on each side of the ZIF socket, which I think most the orbs use. There is little to no movement of that tensioner being that its so short. Has anyone else seen anything like this? I'm up and running again with a retail HSF and not really thinking I want to try and put that orb back on!
Stick around for a while or look at the old posts in cooling, you will see that this a very common problem. You will also see evidence that the orbs are not that good at cooling and most people would recomend something else.
You probably wanna get a different hsf, as the Orb really just blows. If you have the cash, go with a Swiftec MC624a or whatever the beast is (it's like $80) or for a bit less you could get a Glaciator, or even less, but much louder, you could get a Globalwin WBK38.

Or you could just go with watercooling. :)
Yeah, DIY watercooling is fun and cheeeeap! My bong project costs only US$45 with the waterblock fashioned out of an old pentium heatsink. Now I just need a friends Duron or Tbird to test it on...
Why god why.........I think somebody should spam those bastards at thermaltake!
I agree with the water cooling supporters. For the same amount that your going to spend on a decent air cooler you can have most of the parts for a water cooling setup. With water cooling you can expect your cpu to run just above room temp. that's a lot better than what an air cooled cpu is going to do.

Orbs are nice paper weights. That's all they orb bashing I'm going to say for today. PAPER WEIGHTS You hear me Thermtake PAPER WEIGHTS