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OS for kids

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Nov 14, 2001
Portland OR.
I'm building comp for the 8 year old, it's ECS, with 850 Duron, 256 MB pc2100, 20G 7200 HD, ATI 32MB VE DDR . What is the safest OS to use ??? Any ideas about other "kids" stuff?? Internet security??
Thanks for any info.
I would say either windows XP or 2000, as they let you set up profiles for each user. For each profile you can specify what can and can't be done/ seen by that user.

I'll probally yet flamed for this but, I would say use AOL for the added profection for kids.

My parents use AOL for my younger sister over my cable connection, and she can't get into anything on the net shes not meant to see.
No I totally agree. AOL is about the safest internet program for kids. And most of the little tykes these days talk on AOL to their friends. Just set up XP or 2000 on an NTFS platform so you can set permissions. And then set an account for the little one at an appropriate level. Good luck....teach the 8 year old how to overclock! :) Its worth a try. :)
Msn Web browser has almost the same features as Aol.I let my kids use it on there pc, Its has all the parental stuff in there like aol.And Its free to d/l and use.
scooter4n said:
I was thinking W 2K. But what about all the games?? I have to that.
Any more info???

Windows 2k runs most games if that is what you meant. You can restrict which games each user can run aswell in 2k, if you wanted to stop them playing Quake or the like.
I know AOL has different Catergories for its Users, broken down into age groups, not sure if MSN is simalar.
I did install W2k. I set a little guy for Power User, so he can install programs, and change a little settings. But when I try to install progs, it tells me that registry can't be change. it won't let me install.
Thanks for help.
I had 98 installed on my kids computer for compatibility with some of their games, but after I played with it for awhile I decided to upgrade to W2K. It just had the same old 98 issues. W2K is sooooo much more stable. I'm gonna just tell grandparents and aunts and uncles to buy software that is W2K compatible.:D
Let them see what they want, no matter what you do if they want to see something, they will get around it.