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OUCH! w2k3 just bit me hard in the arse

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Sparkomatic Moderator
Apr 29, 2002
I got my eval copy yesterday and after carefully reading the instrictions, I attempted to install it on the third partition of my HD after 98 & w2kPro.

Everything appeared to be going smoothly as I had it format its partition NTFS and install the temp files fot the install onto the partition.

A reboot and then BAM! 'No ntdlr found'

OK so I tried twice more. Samo.

Repair, samo.

w2k repair, samo.

No boot into 98 possible either.

Scandisk in the 98 floppy boot said the FAT was trashed and C:\ couldn't be fixed. :mad:

So w2k3 isn't too polite with other non server OS in my expirence.

Next attempt will be on the root directory of its own HD.

I ended up just disconnecting that HD and reinstalling 98 & w2k on my blank new HD. I'm now in the process of tranfering my goodies to the new drive before I nuke and reformat the old HD.

So if you try out w2k3, better be careful because it can bite you.


Jan 26, 2002
NH Biodiesel master
Weird, I have run that in both dual and triple boot with 98se and win2k and had no trouble, although it didn't like me clearing my bios too much, I forgot to reset the clock and it said my eval copy expired like 2 yrs ago.



Sparkomatic Moderator
Apr 29, 2002
I wonder if that happened to me and it punished me?

Nah... it just decided to write to the FAT and had a major hicup.

Oh and I wasn't overclocked either.