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Overclock G Skill Trident Z - Help.

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Aug 3, 2017

What is the safe temperature for DDr4 ? I have some Trident Z RGB,I've OC them a bit and I was wondering about temps on this kit.

During gamin on Red dead redemption 2 the ram went up to 52c. I got a BSOD so I went back to stock XMP but seems that the temps were quite similar and i was wondering if it was nprmal

Also those are the results of the OC, managed to get it to 4000 but latency wasn't getting a lot more lower so I left it at 3733. Apparently even at 3733 it's not stable since i got a BSOD, haven't time to do a proper memtest yet

Bench at 3733 : https://www.casimages.com/i/200601030406994884.png.html

Timings at 373 : https://www.casimages.com/i/200601030242214835.png.html

Bench stock xmp : https://www.casimages.com/i/200601030242146281.png.html

Also here are my other bios settings with the ram at 3733. What could be wrong?
Also, is it really worth it to OC the ram from 3466 to 3733 or 4000 ? I do mostly gaming but also a bit of graphic design and video editing.



CPU Base clock 100
CPU upgrade : auto
CPU vcore : 1.25
Enhanced multi core performance disabled
CPUclock ratio 50
Uncore ratio : 47
Ring down offset : disabled
AVX offset :0
FCLK frequency for early power on : 1Ghz
XMP : profile 1
Vt-d disabled

Advanced cpu core settings
Intel Speed Shift Technology: enabled
Intel turbo boost technology : enable
C state : disabled
SpeedShift : enabled
Turbo per core limit control : auto
Turbo Power limits ; maxed
Active turbo rations ; all 50
Voltage optimisation : auto

Advanced power settings
CPU VCORE Loadline calibration turbo

CPU core voltage control
VCCIO 1.20
CPU SA : 1.25
Dram voltage : 1.40
Dram frequency : 3733
CPU current limit 255
Cpu vcore PWM switch rate : 300
CSM : disabled

Thanks !

Asryan, could you host the images on our site instead of externally please? I can't see them at the links.
3733.png 3733 timings.png

Those are timings and results at 3733


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I'd suggest trying 1.45V on the DRAM at 3733MHz to see if you're stable. I'd also probably try to bump CPU SA up a tad, maybe 1.3V.
It also looks like going from XMP to 3733 you OC'd your CPU from 4GHz to 5GHZ, have you tried your CPU OC separate from your memory OC?
I had the CPU oc before the ram actually and it was stable.

But what about the temps? Even at stock XMP i am around 50c in game on ram? Isn't that alreay a lot for 1.35 ? i am afraid that going for 1.45 will skyrocket the ram temps

Also, what gain can I really expect by OC the ram? I mean does it really worth it for me?
Temps on the RAM are fine.

I wouldn't bother overclocking RAM unless you were on AMD Ryzen based system. The gains are minimal and for most, not worth the time and effort. But if you want, we're here to help!
What are the max safe temps?

really? If I go from 3466 to 4000 i saw i could get some improvments in number but would I see it in game or real life usage?

Those were the score at 4000

at 3466 i have latency at 52.6 for instance,


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That will vary by IC, but typically 70C+ IIRC.

really? If I go from 3466 to 4000 i saw i could get some improvments in number but would I see it in game or real life usage?

Those were the score at 4000

at 3466 i have latency at 52.6 for instance,

That is exactly what I am saying... chances are you won't notice a big difference in gaming/real life use. Memory bandwidth and latency isn't a significant bottleneck in intel machines.

Feel free to look up comparisons and see. :)
Well i won't bother with it and mess up with my OC then :) I think i was lucky enough to be stable 1.25 @ 5ghz... on the cpu