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Overclockers Mobile - There's a NEW App for That

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Sim Racing Aficionado Co-Owner
Jun 28, 2012
For the past 7 years, we've had an app for Overclockers via Tapatalk. As of the migration to XenForo, that is no longer being supported and has already been deactivated. Never when @hokiealumnus wrote that thread did I ever imagine I'd be helping implement and announce the next version.

The new app, you'll see me refer to as a PWA (Progressive Web App) will install on your device just as any other app on said device. It is a fully-functional version of our XenForo-based website. Going to this platform has allowed the app to be supported on more devices, as well as being one less piece of maintenance/compatibility for us going forward.

Supported Devices/Browsers
As of the time of writing, here are the supported devices and browsers for the PWA.

  • Chromium-Based Browsers (Chrome, Edge, Brave, Opera, Vivaldi, etc) on Windows/Linux/macOS/Android devices
  • Firefox carries partial support, but only on Android devices
  • Safari on macOS and iOS 11.3+

How To Install
From a mobile device, look for this icon at the bottom of your menu, this will add it to your app drawer:

From a desktop/laptop, look for this icon in your URL bar:

If you aren't seeing those icons, check in your browser's menu for an option to Install, or similar.
For everyone who's using this, the notification icon is now a lightning bolt, not a bell, so don't be alarmed by the change!
I just wanted to update everyone as a recent XenForo update made a few changes that affect our iOS users... for the better! See the quote below from recent patch notes.

Full iOS PWA compatibility with push notification support​

iOS 16.4 finally introduced push notifications for iOS devices. To facilitate this, your members need to install your site as a PWA (by utilising the Add to Home Screen feature in Safari). XenForo 2.2.13 now satisfies all of the prerequisites for this to support push notifications which can be enabled by your members once they log in through the PWA and enable push notifications in their Preferences.

The PWA (progressive web app) has now been enhanced with additional gesture based or UI controls, including pull down to refresh and a floating back button.