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Overclocking is good but I need my ears, help.

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Apr 25, 2001
Essex, UK
I have two systems atm. Both get overheated and I need something to cool them down. I have very good heatsinks on their cpus but the fans on the heatinks are dinky. The thing is I have 60mm 6800rpm Deltas but they are just too loud and make to many vibrations.

I want a very efficient 60mm hs fan without the noise & vibration problems. ATM i see a difference of about 10ºC between the two fans I use. When I use my delta I can overclock, when I dont I cant. HEEEEELP!
The third option is large slow fans. You can buy or make an adapter to mount a 80mm fan on your heatsink, good airflow, but low noise.
The larger fans would probably be best. Another option would be the Sunon Hi-Output 60mm fan. It moves 26.5cfm (Ithink) but is whisper quiet. It is somewhere inbetween the Delta and a stock fan.
I have 2 8000 rpm 60mm on my HS. pulled them from a server switch. Butt loads of air but LOUD. I ran 7V to them and am oh so happy and temps never get above 37C full load. I tried it on 12v and only saw a 1C temp diff. It's a suggestion.
Ok, I'd LOVE to buy a 80mm/90mm to 60mm converter as I already use a doppler affect 80mm to 60mm without a duct.

before you switch anything you cab try this trick.

take off your fan put pencils under the fan in between the HS in the 4 corners use some silicone and make pilars to hold everything in place use enough so that the fan will be supported firmly then wrapp black tape around the gap where the pencils were, this was on the front page a while back they said it will reduce the noise level as well as take care of your vibration problem.