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Peltier Advice!

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Jul 26, 2001
I'v had a peltier package from http://www.leufkentechnologies.com/ for some time now, but never had the balls to actualy install it. But I got myself a new computer coming soon, a 1.4amd , a7m266 etc. etc. and this kit is for a slot 1 not a socket a.... so I said what the heck, let me try this guy out on my current system which is a slot 1... So i followed the instructions, and put pelt on my nice globalwin heatsink, put the cold block on that.. sealed it up etc etc.... by the time I booted my comp, my cpu was running @ 10c-15c in bios and when I load'd windows and ran mbm5 it told me my mobo was @ 30c my sensor 1 was @ -6c and sensor 2 was @ -1c ... wow this thing is awesome, cold as heck! I DID IT! well, I was thinking to do this to my new socket a 1.4 amd chip .. so I unplug'd my slot 1 chip only to see some water drop off... so.. I took it a part more to see where this water is coming from.... it was from the back of the slot 1 chip, the front was nicely sealed off with the foam kit I got, but the back was open to the air a little! so here is my question, does a little water hurt? if I put this on a socket a, and foam and seal it up will I get water still? and I also noticed a few drops of water on the cold plate itself insode the foam, there is realy no way to stop that, will those little droplets of water hurt the core touching the cold plate?

thanks in advance
Water + Expensive electrical components = A new thread in Gripes and Moans.

You were very, very, very, very lucky. Take that pelt off immediately! Don't even consider putting it back on until you've insulated it some more. Use silicon spray and seal your chip. Cut up a mousepad or neoprene and put it on the back of your chip. Whatever you do, don't put it back on until you've taken enough precautions. Read around and find some other ways to prevent condensation. You were very, very, very lucky you didn't kill anything.
I guess so! I order'd some socket a foam from http://www.leufkentechnologies.com/ for my new amd 1.4, if I apply that with silicon (which I did use on my slot 1, just didnt do anything to the back of the card) I should be able to keep it air tight, but Im sure I will still have a few droplets of water on my cold plate inside the seal'd foam, which is against my amd chip, is normal? will those droplets hurt the top of the amd chip? and should I use a shim when using a pelter setup?
No, condensation should never occur if you've properly sealed it. Never even try using one if you can't take the proper precautions