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Peltier questions

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Jan 1, 2001
Holland (Europe)
I'm going to upgrade my computer with a watercooling kit.

Got two questions about the 118 Watt Peltier:

Somebody told me that I should connect a 118 W to 24 V instead of a regular 12 V connector from my PSU (going to use a 500 W PSU).
Is this statement true??????

Do I need to use a copper 'cold plate' between my cpu and the Peltier?

Thanks for your comments.
About the power supply...I have no idea what you mean.

About the copper plate between the peltier and heatsink...100% most definitely. If I'm not mistaken, 1/8 is the thickness that is suggested.
Well if your using a AMD its pretty pointless to use a peltier As for the power supply I would not us the power supply that your using for your computer,,your gonna need 2 power supplys thats about a 15 amp draw. I personally use a regulated power supply 12 amp 13.5v got it off ebay for $30 couldnt pass it up!! 24v is probally way too high,,these things are AMP hungry,,not volt happy*s*

Thicker the cold plate the better!! But you MUST have a cold plate cuz the peltier its self cant "store"the cold

I personally use a 85Watt with a water block PIII700e@1050 and Im chillin at -35c
What he means is that, you can achieve 24vdc from a PSU if you bridge the +12vdc lead and the -12vdc lead.

24vdc will blow your pelt...thats all there is to it...

The voltage rating for pelts is the max voltage that you can put into the thing before it fries...I don't know if its RMS or peak

Pelts are designed for a 12vdc; upping the voltage brings you marginal returns...its the current that's most important, like Boris said...
Thanks for your replies.

So if I understood well, I have to put the cold plate between the Peltier and the waterblock. Not between the cpu and the Peltier. Am I right?

BorisdaSpider: what do you mean by 'It's pointless to use a Peltier with an AMD' ???
No No No...you put the coldplate between the cpu and the pelt...in other words, the coldlate sits on top of the cpu, the coldside of the pelt sits on the coldplate, and the waterblock sits on the hotside of the pelt!!!!!

Some people have found that freezing AMD's really doesn't let them clock much higher...
Thanks Mr_Goat. Regarding the 12 V connection to the 118 W Peltier: Somebody told me that I could not attach this Peltier to one of the 12 V connectors from a PSU, because it should need more than 12, probably 24 Volts. Since I have no experience with Peltiers, I just want to be sure.
app.. i'm speaking from experience here, and the 118w pelt will not make an apppreciable difference to the temperature. i have a 118w pelt from millisec.com on my duron at [email protected], and, sure, it drops the temps a bit from pure h2o, but not by enough to warrant the effort. pure h2o is a much better option in my opinion. i'm still running the pelt, but only because i can't be bothered to remove it. it's going to go inline on a second waterblock to cool the water when i get the time.

remember that with the pelt you'll to insulate your entire socket from condensation, which is a HUUUUUUGE mission if you're in a climate with any kind of humidity. powering it is also not a joke, and dedicated power supplies can get expensive if you can't get one from ebay or on a sale.

as for the power... it depends on the rating of the peltier. i think most 118w pelts are rated at 12vdc and a whole bunch of amps. mine is... don't put 24v through a 12v pelt... it'll kill it.

i'd seriously advise you to go with pure h2o. if you're set on a pelt, then do it properly and get a 176w and a dedicated psu.

hope this helps some. :)
AMD chips dont get the same results from super cooling like Intel chips theres plenty of articals about it.
176 Watt peltier!!??!! Man What ya gonna power that sucker with*LOL* Crank up the generator everytime ya want to power up the computer*LOL*
Thanks Proze..that sound convincing. I think I'm going to install the Peltier as an inline cooler as well later on. By the way, do you recommend to put a cold plate between the CPU and the waterblock? I don't think this will be necessary.
If there's no pelt on the CPU then there's no need for a coldplate adding one will make ya run a little bit hotter...

The thing to remember from this is to look and see what voltage the pelt is rated for (you should have some sort of data sheet). Some pelts are 24v, others are ~15-16v. Most people end up running these at 12, since it is the voltage that your power supply puts out. Since running at 12 v, is less than the max (say you have a 16.8v pelt) you would get less cooling from the pelt. That is what people say when they say, more than 12 volts - not running it at 24 (most pelts are ~16).

When people say it doesn't really do any good to run a pelt on an AMD its since they (amd chips in general) don't seem to get as much benfit from the supercooling as a simliar speed P3 intel chip. Supercooling does seem to get some benfit, but requires a much greater effort (aka, larger wattage pelt) to achive decent results. Look at some of the articles on the peltier and also the watercooling parts of the overclockers.com main page, and you'll see some experinces.


in the process of getting my H2O set-up, set up - not going to use a pelt