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FRONTPAGE Phanteks announces T30 120mm Fan and Glacier One 240 T30 AIO

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Nov 1, 1998
Today, Phanteks announced its all-new T30 120 mm fan alongside an update to the already popular Glacier One series AIO CPU coolers. The new T30 120 mm fan ($29.99) features a mode switch that allows the user to select between three different fan configurations including Advanced Mode, Performance Mode, and Hybrid Mode. The Advanced Mode option is for extreme performance and allows the fan to spin up to 3000 RPM. The Performance Mode setting is used to accomplish a balance between performance and noise with a maximum fan speed of 2000 RPM. Finally, the Hybrid mode furthers noise reduction by allowing the fan to remain at 0 RPM until the PWM signal reaches 50%. The top speed for Hybrid Mode is set to 1200 RPM. The Glacier One 240 T30 AIO CPU Cooler ($169.99) adds a pair of T30 120 mm fans to the already famous Glacier One AIO cooler. Below are some highlights from the Phanteks press release and product information sheets.
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These look to be very good, for sure. I wouldn't hesitate to use them but they wouldn't fit in my current build.Tom's mentions that they aren't all that "pretty" but that can be resolved through 3D printing some covers/caps/fandannas

These are definitely on my short list for my next build.
These made me look for 38mm thick Noctuas. Sadly, they are not a thing in 120/140 mm.
Yep, Just have to watch the amps if plugging them into the mobo connectors. Some of those suckers are 3A per fan.
Time to hack some PSU peripheral modular connectors to Deans T-connnectors to power them! :D

That, or use multiple Fan hubs if you aren't comfortable hacking cables.

I put a SATA-powered 10 port fan hub in my last build and then added a 2nd 8-port Molex-powered hub just so I could split the load of 10 fans among two fan hubs. (Technically, only 9 fans on the hubs since the rear exhaust fan is connected to the mobo pwm connector)

Using two fan hubs also helped out with the cable management on the backside of the mobo tray in the case since I didn't have to route all the fan cables into one large "charlie foxtrot" of cables.