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Plans to funnel out of here. Need advice on heat sink

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Feb 22, 2001
I have been using a GW FOP-38 for a couple months now and I am thoroughly deaf. I have some plans to build a quieter rig. I was considering a Hoot Chute, but I have some reservations. One reason is because my machine is in a cabinet that limits how wide it can be. The front and back of the cabinet are open, though, so I am able to create good front-to-back airlflow. I like some of the designs I have seen where a 80+ mm fan is funnelled onto a heatsink. These larger fans turn slower, and the focusing effect of the funnel probably overcomes the dead spot right below the motor.
I have an Enlight 7237 with an ASUS A7V mobo and a stock T-Bird 900. I need some help deciding what heatsink I should start this project with. Is the one I have good enough? If I step up to another, which? One friend recommended an Alpha, but I know that dozens of new HS's have hit the market lately and Alphas may not be #1 anymore at pulling heat off the chip. If an Alpha, the PAL or PEP? I am intrigued by the sideways mounted fan of the Alpha PEP66.
The fan part of the equation is a little easier, because no matter which one I choose it is almost guaranteed to be quieter than that da^^ned Delta!
Any suggestions would be most helpful.
but try and get the thermal right sr6 copper heatsink, it beats the thermoengine by 2 degries
but try and get the thermal right sr6 copper heatsink, it beats the thermoengine by 2 degries
but try and get the thermal right sr6 copper heatsink, it beats the thermoengine by 2 degries
I have the same 7327 case as you with a Sanyo-Denki 92mm 55cfm intake in the bottom front and a Panflow 80mm 46cfm exaust right behind the cpu. The HSF is a Hedgehog/Delta38 and this combo keeps the Tbird running at 1440 in the mid 20's idle and mid 30's under load. I added insulation inside the case on the left cover and case bottom and it really cut down on the noise of the Delta to a tolerable level. You may want to check out the Millenium Glaciator HSF that is on the front page it looks like it could be a very nice solution.
Insulation sounds good, please explain AXIA code

I have only been in this game for a couple months and I just started seeing the codes like AXIA around the board. What are these codes all about?
I have thought about the insulation before, but was not sure how it would affect heat retention. Please tell me more about your insulation work.
AXIA, AVIA, ANCA, AKCA are codes assigned at the AMD factories to AMD thunderbirds and Durons. They denote the quality of the chip. The higher the lettering, the better the chip. The better the chip, the higher it will overclock to.