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please, do u have a palit??

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Apr 26, 2001
ive been getting some trouble with the ti200 i got from palit and ive been wondering about the cooling efficiency on this card. its possible mine has some deffective component or its possible the sink is not quite well sit on the core but the fact is that any freqs beyond the 130/300 will cause the system to lock up when running any 3d application. so, id like to know if anyone owner of a palit g3 ti200 has got any issues about heat, or hard lockups? or also if has got good overclockability?

temps inside my case r good so there is no aparently reason for the GPU or memories to be overheated.

thanks for helping.


Oct 30, 2001
The Geforce 3ti 200 should run at default 175 core and 400 memory. It sounds like heat to me. You might want to take the HSF off and find out if it has any thermal paste. or it might have air bubble in the epoxy if its not mounted in the 2 holes. I have a Jaton G force 3 ti 200 and there was no thermal paste on it so I put AS3 on it and my core is at 200 now. I also put ramsinks on it but the memory stinks and will only go to 420 without artifacts. I would check the HSF first though.


Maximus Nickus

Senior Shaman
Oct 4, 2001
Milton Keynes, U.K.
Two sentences:

Return to place of purchase,
or RMA.

Stop wasting your time trying to fix it, you should never have any problems.
Its there fault, not yours!!!