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Plz, let me know your Pep66 temps

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The Doors

Vesuvius Senior Ocer
Jan 18, 2001
Athens - Greece
You can help me to understand if my temps are right, reporting your temps:
Ambient & Case, Cpu@idle & @full load, Mobo and all about your OverClock (Speed, VCore, ...)

Here my system:
26.4C into my room, case between 25-26C, Mobo 31-32C and C2 600 cb0 1.8v @900Mhz with Alpha Pep66 (Delta38 & Sanyo-Denki + AS II) 42-43 degree C.

Thanks for your support my friend :)
Room temp 23 C
Case temp 23 C (Open case)
CPU 34 C idle.............Sorry no temps @ Full load (yet)
PIII 600 @ 810 1.90 Vcore

BTW: I use a cheapo fan cuz I had to wait for the Delta...Specs.:Current (A):0.19, RPM: 4500, Noise: 34 dBA, Air flow: 37 m3/h
Thanks KILLorBE for your temps,
seems to be close to mine, also if with a cheapo fan....don't sounds good for me with Delta38 & Sanyo-Denki :)
the only right thing is that my case is closed and temp is right.
Well, after a little and logical mod to the Pep66 temps drop a little:

26.5 into the room, case 27, Mobo 32 and Cpu 35@idle 41@full load

now Sanyo-Denki blow into Hs the "fresh air", and to the other side Delta38 blow out the hot air.

I hope that someone want compare his temps with me :-(
PIII 650@820MHz using 1.8v, case = 24, CPU under load = 36, idle = 20ish C
Great results Storm,
mine are really hot compared to yours, do you have any suggestions?
where I'm wrong?
probably depends by Cpu wiring for 1.65v? or temps reported by MBM 5.07b are "wrong"?
Well I have a Globalwin 802 case, 80mm sunon exhaust (35cfm), YS Tech 80mm intake, super slot fan under vid card and I live in england where it can get quite cool.

Mobo = Abit BF6, IWill slocket II... using a program called mbprobe to monitor temps...

Dunno what to suggest to get your temps lower really... my case temps quoted above are summer ones, and they're likely to go up over the next month or so.

I guess stronger case cooling could help you, maybe re-apply your thermal paste, nice and thin, keep your room cool and see how it goes.

At the end of the day though, if it's under 50c and it's stable, don't worry too much about temps is what I say :)