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Principles of Video Hardware Overclocking

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Jun 26, 2001
Being new to the boards and the concept of voiding warranties as a hobby, I had never considered the idea of making my system's GPU run faster than advertised.

Therefore, I would like to know the principles behind it. In overclocking a CPU, one deals with the multiplier and the FSB speed, as adjusted via the BIOS or jumpers on the motherboard, while supplying voltage necessary for the increase and monitoring and regulating the CPU's temperature at the new speed. So how does that translate to my 3D card?
It dosn't.

Overclocking a video card is easier, and is done with software.

Depending on the card you have, you can download different tweak/overclocking programs for the card.

Tell us more of what you have, and maybe we can get you there.
3D Prophet III in my new system, soon. Not yet, but soon.
the being an nvidia based card you can probably be confident using the coolbits reg thingamjig
someone on here should know where to download it from
it basically adds another tab inside your display properties and gives options for gpu core freq and mem freq
good luck, man i want that video card!
Many thanks. I'll probably be able to find it now that I know what it's called. Heh, and the idea of having an overclocking tab on my display properties is pretty durn cool. Yes, I'd like my screen saver disabled, my color scheme set to red-on-black, and my GPU to run with an extra 50 MHz. Sounds like fun.

By the way, you can have it, if you can get it. Member, NRA. ;-)
A small warning about Hercules Nvidia products. By them selling Kyro products supposedly Nvidia is no longer selling GF3 GPUs to Hercules. So once they run out of stock, Hercules will have to buy gray-market GF3 GPUs. Food for thought.
Thankfully, then, the card I've already got, safe within its electostatic shock protection bag, collecting dust in my room. It's the system to put it in that'll come soon. Soon. ;-)
Drax, i just wanted to let you know that you might want to think about upgrading.. my ab is running @8hz after a nice greasing of crisco... LOL... and i think your ram is going to bottleneck your new vid card...