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putting barbs on a new heatercore?

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Jul 21, 2001
OC California
what would be the best way to add barbs on a heatercore? i was thinking about jbweld, and some plumbers epoxy or something..
Also, what metal barbs would be the best? my new water blocks are gonna be copper, but silver plated.
Bender said:
Soldering the barbs on with a torchis your best bet. All you need is a cheep propane torch and some solder. JB weld would probably be ok but solder is very permanent.

this will be the first real hardcore mod other then my case im gonna do, so i wanna do it right. i think my moms bf has that mini flame gun as id say.. so he wont be here tonight, but ill ask him tomorrow. ill post pics when i get the parts, and give a lil run through jsut for ppl to see. :)
BTW: what metal barbs would be the best? alum ones on my WB are curroding, and lucky ochideout is getting me a new one. But i heard brass is good?
I always use brass barbs for radiators. I solder them on, but JBWeld works good too. You should let it set up for 10 minutes (15-20 according to the package) after mixing and before applying to the rad...if not, it's drippy enough to run inside the rad.

You can use either brass or plastic barbs for your waterblock, I use plastic but would prefer the brass ones...the hardware store was out at the time.
I would be weary of soldering of I was you. At least with my setup, the barbs and the radiator had, in no way, a tight fit. Soldering is supposed to be used when you have a relatively snug fit. I had the choice of threaded barbs that were too big to squeeze into the radiator tubes and barbs on both ends, which I wound up using.

I tried using solder, but there was just way too much space to fill in with the solder. It still left huge gaps even after I used up a ton of solder and flux.

Plus, I am unsure of how well solder bonds to brass.

What I did was go down to Ace hardware and look for an epoxy that says it bonds to both brass and copper. What I found was this double tube syringe thing that had black stuff in one tube and off-white stuff in another. I think it was called steel weld epoxy.

Anyways, I sanded down the barb I would be inserting and used a wire brush on the inside of the copper tubes in the radiator. The epoxy was a bit thin, so I used masking tape to help keep everything in place. I got everything somewhat set, made sure no epoxy was going to drip anywhere that would impede flow, and let it set for a day. Then I applied another coat of epoxy just to make everything look nice and smooth.

Haven't had a leak yet.

EDIT: be careful with soldering. Remember, those tubes sticking out of the radiator were most likely soldered into place and they will get royally messed up if the heat from a torch reaches the joints. When I did my soldering attempt, I had someone using a wad of Q-tips to keep the joints wet (and cool) at all times.