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Question about multiple adapters notebook to projector

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Aug 30, 2006
Well have a bit of a problem at my work place lookin for some advice.

We have a VGA projector (still pretty new so we don't want to replace it).
We need to basicly take the connection from it and convert it to HDMI.

So I'm curious if we can do this and will it cause any problems with the image?
The setup goes

Projector to vga cable the cable then plugs into a adapter to convert it to DVI male, Then plug that adapter to a DVI Female to HDMI then to the laptop.

Before we order the extra adapter I'm just curious if this will work or cause problems?


Any advice on what we can buy? We have a new notebook with vga and HDMI plugins on it, the projecter has VGA and S-VIdeo and that's it.

But the thing is were trying to create a wall plug so the person with the laptop(s) can pull out a cord plug into their laptop and plug into the wall (behind the wall the wire from the projector will be ran to the floor to plug into)

Hope it's not to confusing lol we're trying to do this quick and easy without making anything (our own plugs by hand).
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5up3r m0d3r4t0r
Aug 11, 2008
You shouldn't have a problem with the image when using multiple converters.

Also, sometimes projectors will hang if you don't match the resolution on the laptop to the resolution of the projector before plugging in.

If the new laptop and the projector both have VGA, why not just use VGA?