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question about RAM

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Oct 24, 2002
hi, i have a 256mb pc2100(unknown brand), and would be getting a new piece in a few more days, corsair 512mb pc3200, so now my question is,
1 option. after getting the new piece should i take off the old one and only use the new piece and o/c it?(that is my main purpose), 2 option. or should i just use 2 of them. so if i use both of them, is there any problem with o/c it? and which one is more effective? first or second option? opinion pls.
The 2100 will hold your o/c back. Most likely it is a generic POS, and will not go any higher then 140Mhz unless you back off on the timings. 512mb is enough for anything, so unless you plan on playing a couple games at the same time, just stay with the 512. But before you ditch it, I would test it and see how high it can go, you may still be able to use it.

What kind of CPU do you have.
yeah OC em both having the 512 3200 and the 256 2100 in @ the same time... then remove the 256 2100 and oc the 512 3200 and see how much more higher you get without the 256 2100
hi, but how could i o/c my ram?
could you help pls?
what kind of procedure should i take?
umm,,,,,,so it's just that simple? just increase the fsb and it will automatically increase the ram? but how come when you unlock a cpu and you will be able to increase the fsb alot higher? doesn't the ram hold it back?
and for my system, if i unlock my cpu, how far do you guys think i could go?
amd xp 2000+
and could i know more about the ratio? coz i think my board support it. =)