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Radiator for 120mm fan...where to get one?

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Dec 17, 2000
Hey guys

Im trying to water cool my system and can't find a radiator that will fit in the space that i have. I need a radiator the same size as a 120mm fan.

Where can i get one?

Try www.dangerden.com they have a cool rad called the cooling cube that is sized for a 120mm

If you want to save money you can check out power steering, transmission, oil coolers, and heater cores. You can find these items in junk yards if you want to be cheap but my favorite place is PEP-BOYS computer section :)
I was gonna get that one...but i kinda need the Cooling cube for a school project that is due next week. and danger den is out of those until after my project is due.

so anyone know of somewhere else i can get one?

and is the maze my best bet for a waterblock?

The Cooling Cube is back in stock as of 3/24. The Amazing and Maze2 blocks just plain work