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Ram settings in BIOS

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Senior Member
Dec 30, 2000
New Jersey
There are two following options in my BIOS that I would like to know more about (I can't find anything about them in the manual!) They are:
DRAM Clock- optional settings are HostCLK; HCLK-33m; HCLK+33m; SPD
The other is P2C/C2P- Disabled or Enabled
Note- HostCLK is selected for DRAM Clock and Disabled is selected for P2C/C2P (the defualt settings of the bios)
I may be wrong, but I think that HostCLK, HCLK -33m, HCLK +33m means respectively: Ram's speed equal to FSB (Hostclock), ram's speed equal to FSB -33Mhz, Ram's speed equal to FSB +33Mhz. Hope I'm clear, if not ask again, I'll explain differently (I know I wasn't clear...)
The best performance obtainable with this setting (HostCLK etc.) depends what is your limiting factor . For example, if the limiting factor is the Ram (like this case: Noname Pc100; with a Via KT13A chipset) you'll want to lower the speed at which the ram operates, but not the FSB. ((((by the way, I've never figured out what exactly is the use of the Front side Bus, if not communicating with the RAM) the cache is on Die anyway...???))))))
Thanks (and yeah I understood your first post, I was somewhat thinking that was what it might mean ;o )
but can't you specifty the ram to run @ a certain frequency on its own? Or is that only for some mobo's?