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Random freezes

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Wonko The Sane

Dec 16, 2001
Port Richey, FL
i just moved my computer into a new case (Chieftec equivalent of antec 1240) and now it's locking up after a few minutes of being on. I thought it might be a windows problem, so i started to reinstall. i got to the point where it's detecting hardware, and it locks up (have tried restarting several times and locks in the same place each time).
i have:
nec 7700 12x10x32 CDRW
pioneer 116 16x DVD ROM
maxtor 60 GB hdd
LS120 drive
abit bp6 with dual celeron 400's
768 MB ram
voodoo 3 3500TV
sb live value
linksys nic card

the only thing i changed when moving to the new case is possibly which slot the PCI cards were in. If anybody has any ideas i would greatly appreciate it. thanks in advance.
Remount the system. Sometimes when you change, you knock maybe the heatsink or the chipset fans and it creates heat and instablity.

Check everything.
I bet that when you moved PCI cards you created an IRQ conflict. Try to put them back like they were before.
Yes, make sure your PCI cards get into exactly the same slots as they were before. You prolly have a IRQ and/or DMA sharing issue with other (onboard) hardware. I'm advising you this out of my own experience, duh!
check to make sure everything is seated properly, especially your memory...you shouldn't get an IRQ conflict on a re-install, because it re-assigns those as it is installing the OS (you are supposed to repair after moving those, so you don't get conflicts)...might be something isn't seated properly....
It looks like WyrmMaster and Lancelot were right, I took out the PCI cards and the isntall went smothly (well it got past the part it usually froze at, I'm still in the middle of the install. Thanks to everybody who replied.