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Recomendations on Overclocking the kt400 plat

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Oct 30, 2002
North Carolina
Any tips or tricks or advice?

MB: SY-KT400 Dragon Plat
CPU: Athlon XP 1800+
RAM: 256 Mushkin PC3200 (400mhz)
CPU: Dr Thermal Heatsink (SE)
Artic Silver Compound
RAM: Mushkin provided heat spreader
Fans: 2 front and two rear
120mm Panaflow Side
Plenty of air flow room for great temps.

I have this system currently overclocked to 1.667ghz using [email protected] Ram is currently at 166mhz. Voltages are at default.
Temps under these settings:
CPU: 40 Avg
32 Min
42 Max

I would like to get my FSB up to 400mhz, (CPU Clock 200mhz) but I'm unable to drop my multiplier below 11.5. At 11.5 I can get the CPU clock up to 150 before it gets unstable.

I am fairly a noob at overclocking, so I'm taking this slow. Any advice would be appreciated.
You will have to unlock it to get any further. Even after un- locking you won't be able to get the fsb that high. It seems these boards don't want to go much further than 180 or so. Even that high with just air cooling will be tough going.
Well I can get my 1600+ to run stable at 190 x 10 1.825 volts. I think that the only thing holding me back is my cheap samsung pc2700...which cannot even run cas2 @ 166mhz.

I run the ram at 190 mhz at all the slowest settings...

My sandra mem scores are 2470, 2260

This board has been great to me....Read around and Im sure you will learn to overclock.
I use to have that board.
I don't have anything bad to say about it, just it wasn't enough for me. the Vcore doesn't go high enough for me, and I just couldn't get it above 178, it didn't matter if I had 1.85v and dimm at 2.8 and a low multiplier or anything, it just wouldn't do much for me.

I switched to a KD7 raid and I am not at 195x8.5 at 2 volts.
I can go higher, but 2 volts is about as high as I will go with air cooling. I am still waiting for my prometiea to show up...

personally if soyo made a super overclocking board for extremists, I would pick one up in a second.
the design is great, the stability was solid, I miss the AGP overvolting option like mad...

but I just wish it had more Vcore and Vdimm to it.
Well put Kunaak. This is a better overclocker than Soyo's of the past, but still not great. I ran into the same barrier you did in the 170's.
Volt mod... i've looked a lil' into that... i'm actually afraid to do much with that. I have my CPU voltage set to default. What is the default voltage anyways? I'm not concerned too much with the temperature, I've got a good cooling system in... its not hydro cooling, but a good air cooling.

In my CPU voltage I can change it up to 1.85V... you say theres a way I can get it to 2.05? Where is that option?
to get up to 2.05 you need to do the volt mod. Also on my board it sets the default on my XP palomino to 1.75. If youre not overclocking change it to 1.65...thats the actual voltage its supposed to use.
i did the volt mod on the kt400du and wound up getting 2.14 volts out of it also i got a 1.2 gig duron up to 200 mhz fsb @1.85 volts and pc 2700 crucial ram at the slowest settings but with my xp i hit the wall at about 170