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Apr 22, 2001
Fresno, CA
I have a slow and stupid[celeron 667mhz]compaq with sadly no AGP and an onboard video chipset[810e..shudder..]. I am saving up for an AMD system but for now I need some to play games on for atleast 1 year. I want to run games at 800x600 and a min of 30fps. so, what 3d card should I go for until I get a mobo with an AGP slot[I am gonna aim for Radeon 2]? I was thinking voodoo 5 PCI since it is the most powerful one on the market, but I am not sure because of the lack of tech and driver support...what do you think?
I also wanted to get a sound card which will be in my future killer system. I don't plan on buying one of those system with a Dolby decoder[although I might but right now they are pricey for sound]. When is creative releasing there next soundcard? anyway, what soundcard would you reccomend for a value gamer?
thanks all,
p.s I am gonna get everything on pricewatch...the mother of all bargain sites
I know what you mean with the onboard video(shudder)i had a setup with a celery 366 for a few years too, and no AGP. I only had one pci slot so i bought a 32mb Radeon sdr with an s-video connector. Im very glad with the card and it overclocks pretty well too 183 right now and going up. As for sound id go with the SB Live! since its probly the best for the price, im not sure where u live tho, us or canada?
I would definately go for the SB Live! Value

And the Voodoo 4 or 5 for vid (should be real cheap)

The Voodoos work well in slower systems (as do the Radeons)
i agree with zuck... the sb live! value is a great deal, and a wonderful sound card... you can always get updates (i.e. front panel) seperately later... and I used to use a voodo three and then later a voodoo four... both are good cards that are really cheap and perform great for the price...