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Some Radeon 9700 Pro Help Please

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Nov 1, 2003
Well I have been dealing with this problem pretty much every since I got this card, but its only been recently that I got into watching dvd's on my pc. The problem is that, quite frankly, compared to my tv (normal old big-***-tube sony), and tabletpc, the video playback quite simply sucks. It looks all fuzzy, pixelated, and much worse than VHS. Its watchable, I suppose, but it looks like games do @ 100x200 resolution. I have had the same problem through windvd4, windvd5 platinum, powerdvd whatever the latest is, an old 17in monitor, and my brand new, wicked nice 19in Sony Trinitron tube CRT. Its def. not the monitor.

Is this just the quality of the dvd playback on the card (I doubt it since I have heard nothing bad about it) or is there some settings i should try, or what? I messed around with different screen resolutions, de-interlacing features (gimmicks I think), widescreen, etc, etc.

The dvd player I am using now is windvd 4 simply cuz thats the one i installed last.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.


Aug 27, 2002
I dont know if its a hardware problem, but you may be suffering from "too clear monitor" syndrome. I have a few movies on my pc that look so-so at best on my monitor, but look great when I hook up to my hdtv, and perfect on a standard tv.