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Source for copper water blocks?

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May 30, 2019
So has anyone found a suitable source for water blocks that could be used for TEC cooling? Silver Surfer's success has me interested in trying. I have a surplus of pumps, radiators, and fans available so I was thinking about 2 large copper water blocks that would cover 3 TECs. The hot site I would connect to surplus radiators and pumps. The cold side would get fluid from my PC and return it to my PC cold. Refrigeration without the refrigerant and compression noise is the goal. Forgive my quick illustration in paint, but this is the idea. I have found what I needed in aluminum but not copper.
If anyone has found a source for such things I would appreciate a link. Otherwise, I could go with 6 small blocks but the block cost seems to climb at that rate.

Thanks in advance.


You have to decide if you want quality or quantity, quality costs more!

If you try to cheap out, sometimes that will actually cost you more in the long run, when you end up scrapping the entire project.

The link above is also where I get my peltiers that I use, I do not mess with Ebay or the cheap Chinese knockoffs.

Water block wise, there's no way I would invest in cooling the hot side of the peltier with water cooling when it can be done with a good quality air cooler.

Which I have successfully proven can be done since 2011!

However it is your money, not mine, so knock yourself out.

EDIT: Just so you are aware all those linked water blocks are designed for cooling the hot side, not picking up cold to be stored in an insulated reservoir and used to cool down an operational CPU.

There is a lot to learn, but you have to start somewhere, IF, you are actually going to do it?

If you are just sticking your big toe in the pool testing the water, trying to decide whether to jump in or not, well let me know what you decide?

I have experimented with just about every possible aspect of chilled water storage to cool a CPU, all the way back to ice in a Coleman cooler.
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Keep in mind that I have about 6 spare radiators, and 2 spare dual pump units collecting dust along with about 12+ Good 120mm fans (GTs). I'd hate to just let them sit there when I could use them for this. I also have a couple of spare cases that I could use.

So assume I will water cool the hot site, and assume this rig will only be used to add cooling "umph" to an existing rig with 2 x 420 rads.

Could I get to success if I sandwiched a quality tec from CustomThermo between 2 blocks like this? http://www.performance-pcs.com/ek-supremacy-evo-threadripper-edition-nickel-acetal.html

Rinse and repeat, 3 sandwiches of these in series?