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Still need help!

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Mar 24, 2002
Liverpool, UK
Right ill try to be a bit more clear, as most of the last replies were further questions...

Problem - I got new SDRAM, its all compatable with my system. So I went to put into DIMM2, when I noticed it was stiff, I took the RAM out of DIMM1 to try it in 2, when attempting to put it back it was also stiff, several minutes of forcing later both sticks were in...plugged in pc, only to hear the BIOS beeping to the sounds of a memory error...something else, I have come accross memory problems before, and all have displayed atleast the first part of the boot up sequence...mine however does not, the monitor is in a sort of stand-by as if the video card is waiting to be booted...yet something must still be working for it to be doing the memory test....

I am fearing it is the motherboard which is damaged...but if anyone has ever come accross a similar error and fixed it - please help! :|
did you line up the notches properly? Since youre saying its "stiff" maybe youre not lining them up and you have to force them down because theyre not lined up