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Swiftech h240x water replacement needed ?

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Jun 10, 2014
san jose CA
Hello forum Ive been running my swiftech h240x on an oced 5820k for about 2 years now and I noticed that the cpu temperatures have been gradually increasing throughout time . I can't say for certain that the water is the cause but I won't rule it out. There's a lot of bubbles around the pump blade.
If you recommend new water what brand is the best . I should be able to bleed out the res and refill it with a YouTube tutorial
Yes.. my pc barely gathers dust to be honest but yes. A few months ago
update . well i swapped my 2 helix ( stock fans ) with 2 noctua ipcs and that seemed to resolve the issue somewhat . now im managing to stay below 80c at all time.. are bubbles normal ?
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Temps look like normal for 1.3v (I was getting 80'ish [email protected]/1.32v/21c ambient/Aida64 with a 240x) IIRC.

What do you mean by bubbles? If talking about the very small ones you can see at the pump outlet in the res, yes, as soon as they are really tiny (champagne like, lol): it is the air in the res mixing with the water at the pump outlet in the res. If big ones+noise, then no: either air stuck in some corner somewhere, and leaving little by little, or a leak in the loop.
Tiny bubbles mean you still have air trapped in the res. I would drain the loop, refill and start bleeding all over again. Tilt the case side by side to help bleed it out.
Those should just be from the pump. Mine does the exact same thing you should be fine. Still wouldn't hurt trying to bleed the air out like nebulous has said though just to be on the safe side.