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T32 EOC WIR 18Jun21: 2 Billion! WOOT!

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
Please reach out and congratulate aviationfrk. He has earned 2 billioin this week.

And…. we’re back. Since the last update, we’ve dropped down to #10 in the world. “dropped back”. Yeah I get it but… “#10 in the world”. We are still one of the smallest teams out there and yet we are still the #10 team. IN THE WORLD! As we reach heard immunity, some of these larger teams will slow or even stop folding. Many jumped on the bandwagon (which is appreciated) to help with the COVID folding. As things get back to normal, we’ll get our spots back. We just have to keep chugging along. By “chugging” I mean beers. Of course that’s what I meant. What else could that have meant?!

The key is to keep at it and have fun with it. Just donÂ’t trip over your power cord(s) after youÂ’ve chugged. ThatÂ’s just a helpful tip from a guy who has never tripped over anything in his life. Ever!

Since the last update, we lost HayesK, WhitehawkEQ was our #1 producer and then HayesK came back. A roller coaster for sure. I had sold off all of my 1080Â’s and up to save up for a 3080Ti or 3090 at a later date but one of my 1080Â’s was returned to me as defective. IÂ’ve since put it back into my main folder and been gaming with it too without flaw. The up side is that IÂ’m back into the 2 million ppd. IÂ’m set to pass Macaholic in just over 17 years. WOOT! Still looking for an update on Mac so that I donÂ’t have to fear the worst.

With all thatÂ’s going on, the cars have passed (street ball) soÂ…. GAME ON!

To be clear, any folding is good folding. We arenÂ’t asking you to go in hock over this. Do what you can and any at all is good enough.

Team Conquest/Threat List

NVIDIA Corp11.6 years up from 10.2 years.
Element AI Inc6.8 months up from 5.1 months.
Theta Edge Compute 11.8 months down from 1.1 years.
Aniplex1.9 years down from 2.0 years.
dogefolders2.3 years up from 1.5 years.
Heise Falter3.1 years down from more years.
A big and sincere congratulation to our friends and brothers in arms, PC Games Hardware for overtaking us. It was not easy but they finally did it. More power to you and keep up the fold. The other teams are feeling our might as they try to pass us and we are making up ground on Nvidia. Think about that for a moment. We are doing good things here.

Active folders and ranking:
Active FoldersRankingAve PPD
This week55 70th 2.16 million.
2 weeks ago62 70th 1.67 million.
4 weeks ago 62 73rd 1.89 million.
5 weeks ago 69 (You guys had to do it didnÂ’t you?) 69th (Now how did you guys plan this one!?) 1.79 million.
6 weeks ago7070th 1.83 million.
9 weeks ago7372nd 2.01 million.
10 weeks ago79 66th 1.85 million.
11 weeks ago7471st 2.06 million.
12 weeks ago7775th 1.96 million.
We need our part-time folders to hop back in when you can guys. We are 55 strong and over 2 million ppd on average. What we are seeing is our big guys keeping us afloat but itÂ’s going to take the lot of us to be a power house. Do what you can then doÂ… more?

Top 20 PPD:
1HayesK14.72 million.
2WhitehawkEQ13.31 million.
3OrbitalCat11.88 million.
4torin311.44 million.
5dfonda9.22 million.
6orion4567.68 million.
7P4EE6.59 million.
8superducky6.26 million.
9JrClocker6.07 million.
10Mark6204.86 million.
11BigBlockk4.06 million.
12DesertFlower232.69 million.
13ottoaxel2.30 million.
14penquininja2.15 million.
15darkknight2.03 million.
16don256us2.00 million.
17hshtick1.82 million.
18harlam3571.77 million.
19rpkole1.31 million.
20Maviryk1.25 million.
WeÂ’ve got a good showing this week. On the last update we only had 16 of us earning 1 million + ppd. 20 is a good showing. Thank you guys.

Team Milestones.
aviationfrk just earned 2 BILLION! WOOT!
DesertFlower23 just earned 600 million.
Kowalski just earned 400 million.

Milestones are earned at all levels. Milestones are the best part of all this to me. We canÂ’t all have access to large farms of folding rigs. We all do what we can. Be it your first million, first billion or first trillion, milestones are awesome. Great job and thank you for your efforts. They all count.

World Top 200:
Times are especially tough on these guys since Stanford started including COVID into the mix. Cheers guys.

Macaholic #60
torin3#119Moving up 3 spots since the last update! AGAIN!
orion456#124Moving up 1 spot. AGAIN!
JrClocker#153Moving up 1 spot.

Cliché list:
Build, Borg, Recruit. :borg: :comp: (From don256usÂ’ old timers)
If youÂ’re not having fun, youÂ’re doing it wrong.
ItÂ’s not how much you fold but if you fold. (don256us)
If you fold, then youÂ’re my friend. (don256us)
Keep your stick on the ice. (From The Red Green show)
A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.
Everything is within walking distanceÂ…. if you have the time. (From comedian Steven Wright)
The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.
Where ever we go that's where we will be.
“Make the noise!” (From Bad Obsession Motor Sports Youtube channel)
Pidder padder. (From Letterkenny show)

Please provide another cliché here.
Until next weekÂ…