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Taking the plunge

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New Member
May 2, 2001
I have finally decided to tkae the plunge into water. This is what I ordered...does it sound good?

From Dangerden:
Radiator Cube
Maze2 block
Watter Wetter

From Aquastealth(Becooling):
Encased rio180 pump
120mm panaflo (low noise)

Does this seem like a decent setup. I gopt the pump from aquastelath because I liked the idea of an encased pump versus the enheim. So what do you guys think...will this give me decent results.
You should get great results with that setup, with the exception of the pump, thats my setup and it works great. That maze and cube are, IMHO, the best out there right now.
I chose the aquastealth pump because it has a max flow rate of 120ghp as opposed to the 80gph of the enheir recommended at dangerden. I also am going for as quiet a case as possible so pump vibration is a major issue for me.

Glad to hear you think so highly of the dangerden. I have been doing a lot of research into this and their product seems to offer the highest performance for the bets price.