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The Best Case... for water cooling. My idea good?

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forget that

Jul 28, 2001
I have no info for what case is good for watercooling, because I don't really have a clue how much of a role case fans play in water cooled setups.

Nevertheless, I have decided on the following and was wondering if anyone saw any foreseeable problems:

The guy who runs coolcases.com is truly an expert in the field of cases (if you check, all the cases he offers have great reviews), but he focuses entirely on air cooling. So I figured I'd get a big case with a good power supply, and not to many fans customizeable here:

With the great case above I'd use the wonderful article written by J. Orrand here:
and maybe pick up a few new tips here:
http://www.crazypc.com/articles/watercool.htm (based off Orrand's article).

and I'd use this misc. stuff too:

CPU shim


Artic Silver 2

How do you think it will go? I am concerned about the fans in the case and water cooling blockin air flow or just some weird unforeseeable thing. Should I use the artic silver stuff and the shim with water cooling?
Welcome to the Forum! The Addtronics tower case mentioned has plenty of room for a watercooling setup. I am using a SuperMicro SC750A Full Tower for my water cooled rig. Similar layout, but I think I have more room down low in front than the Addtronics has. I am using a radiator that is 12 1/2" tall, so I needed the room.

As long as your reservoir isn't too large, airflow through the case should not be a problem. Just make sure that you get good airflow through the radiator.
I found this humorous, but just confirming I was on the right track. Here is a quote from a review of your case:

"You can read more about this case at SuperMicro's site. If you want to find out more about the company behind the design, check out the Addtronics site, or head over to the page where they p1mp this little beauty. It looks like it's the exact same case, but there are a few little differences. "

The funny thing being is that the case I was talkin about, the
Addtronics 7896, was designed by the company behind the design for your case. Thanks for your input.