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This may sound stupid but...

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New Member
Feb 28, 2001
If the loud noise of your delta fan makes too much noise and some other fans so that you cannot concentrate when playing quake III or unreal why dont we try head phones? they are great if you get good ones that seal in noise not like the cheap ones you get for 10 bucks at wal-mart. I took my dad's koss headphones and they work great, cant even hear the phone ring... hehe who needs phones anyway?

Kinda serious but also kinda a joke:)
That don't sound stupid to me. Maybe a little obvious tho. Haven't got any loud fans installed yet, but I hope to soon have a Delta 38 CFM. My system is in the living room next to the TV and stereo.
Delta 60mm Specs: 6800 RPM, 38 CFM, 46 Dba. Daul Ball Bearing.
Is this gonna make so much noise that it will interfere with hearing theTV ? Now that's a stoopid question!
I know a lot of guys who ride bikes, and I kinda subscribe to the "Loud Pipes Save Lives" philosophy.

I suppose that thought process could apply here, as well. If your CPU fan is loud enough to hear it, you'll also know if it ever goes south on you, immediately, by the sound difference.

Maybe I should change my sig to say " Loud Fans Save CPUs" =)

Mr B