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Senior Member
Dec 20, 2001
I jut got a FREE tiger MPX S2466N now I need to know what I can put in it. Can i use regular unbuffered ram? Or do I need registered. I can look at the manual and see what it recommends, but I want to know what I can do. Any way of O/Cing this bad boy with SoftFSB or something of the likes? Or do I just have to cut bridges? Thanks.
My roomate works at a software trouble shooting place and they did not want it anymore. Its still wrapped up and everything. Now can you guys help me?
the MPX chipset itself allows 2 unbuffered modules in the first 2 ram slots, but requires all buffered if you want to use more than that.
However Tyan is probably the least compatible of the boards in regards to what ram it likes, so id say whip out a stick or 2 from your other rigs to test if it likes your ram...

Oh, and you should be able to use cpuFSB to jack up those cpus ;)
I have the tiger mp and I have not been able to get softfsb working. I think that you need to have the right revision of the board in order for it to work, because i know some people have got it working with there mp and mpx boards. As far as the ram goes I have registered ram in mine becuase it wont work with anything else but the case may be differnt with the mpx board.
The 2460 can boot with unbuffered ram but if it does it will error out quickly. Fsbcpu works. You have to pick "tyan" on the left list and 2460 vers 1.03 on the right list. This works on my MPs and MPX. You should not read the bios, just adjust then click set. If you read it can lock up when you adjust.
Curious, have any ofyou updated the bios? I have the same board and the option is there to up the fsb in there. I cant recall the max you can get it too, but I know its there...

Ive never messed with it too much since you cant lower the multi any.

Hmm... maybe Ill give this a shot for a lil bit to see what I can do.
Ok that was odd.... I did adjust the fsb up once in the bios and it read it fine... This time however, it wouldnt read it.... In bios it would take the adjustment, but not recognize it. Hrm.. guess Ill give SoftFSB&fsbcpu a try then.