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Too Hot duron?

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Jul 21, 2001
Ive got a duron 750mhz at 833 right now. 7.5x111. Stock voltage, and I put a SVC golden gate HSF with artic silver on it. Its even got the 40cfm YStech fan!!!!! Yet for some reason, the board I am using's temperature probe (MSI k7t) reads that CPU temps are 42 degrees C idle!!!! That seems way too high, especially considering the cooler that I am using. I am going to run the system all night looping q3 timedemo and ill come back in the morning to see what the temp is then. I am guessing its probably a case problem, and the air inside the case (Inwin q500) is hot. Any suggestions? Thanks.
you realy shouldn't worry about low 40's temps even at default speeds. My duron at default speed and voltage runs at 40C. but when bumped up to 1.7 vcore and 933MHz the temp only goes up to 44C so I personaly wouldn't worry about it, unless you plan to hit 1.1GHz
one more thing! If you are concerned about the temp that much than you can try lapping the heatsink. just make sure that you have a flat sufece like glass and a high grit sand paper e.g. 1200 grit