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TT Volcano 6Cu+ (7k rpm) + Athlon 1.133

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Mar 5, 2002
i am using TT Volcano 6Cu+ (7k rpm) + Athlon 1.133 on abit kt7a and the temp is 48-51c ,is it Hot or what??is there something wrong??

what should i expect from volcano 6cu+ (7000 rpm) ???


Athlon 1.133
Abit kt7a (kt133a)
384mb kingmax pc133 sdram
voodoo 3 3k 16mb AGP
I've never owned a Volcano 6, but I know it's not the greatest heatsink out there. Athlons(not XP) have a tendency to be hot little guys. That's about what you should be expecting from my knowledge.
Seems too hot.

Here some things to double check:

Airflow, Clean up all your wires

Here are some things to do if you haven't:

Made a duct.
Well I had a similar problem. I was using a volcano 6cu+ and was getting temps like 46C idle and 50C full load. I put in a exhaust fan and now temps are down to 36C idle and 40C full load. I had no airflow and the hot air was just building up. Make sure you have exhaust you will see a drop in temps.
You need to improve your case airflow. I have a XP1700 with a 6cu+ on it. When all I had was a pos 80mm intake and the psu exhausting I got 40C idle 51C full load. I put in a 89cfm 120mm intake and exhaust fan, rolled my cables and tied my wires out of the airflow path and get 26C idle and 36C full load. My case ventilation sucked.

my casing air flow is good cause its only 33c max

i just check those wires,added little thermal paste and adjusted the volcano6cu+

and now is 46 idle 48max just improved 2-3c

what is a exaus fan???can any 1 explain???
Re: hmmm

iamseankoe said:
what is a exaus fan???can any 1 explain???

Welcom to the Forums iamseankoe
I forgot to say that last time.:D

An exhaust fan is any fan that blows air out of the case. If you do not have enough air flowing through your case, the temperature inside the case will rise from all of the computer components making it hot.

The mobo sensor for case temp doesn't do a very good job. To find out if you have good airflow, run the computer without the sides of the case on for a while. If your CPU temperature goes down, then you need some more case fans.
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