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Update of sorts.

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Jul 17, 2003
Things in real life are beginning to subside. Not looking for sympathy but we buried my Dad last Friday. My Brother and I were with him in his final breath which was as good as it can be. He died peacfully, with respect and with his sons. That's all I got to say about that. Not looking for sympathy (again) just giving you the real world skinny on why I'm slow to do what I say I'll do.

When a man says he'll do something, he'll do it. There is no need to remind him about it every six months. ;)

On target for the topic of Folding, I've been having a great time. Three days in a row of 13 million + ppd. My VR machine has three cards in it and deserves a picture as two of the cards are hanging out of the case via ribbon cables and scrap 12 gauge wire to keep the fans clear and the cards cool. They are in the basement helping to even out the cool temps down there.

As a team, we are on a downward slope. I wouldn't be overly concerned. All teams in the northern hemisphere reduce production in the heat of summer. I would ask that we try to eek out any points we can before 90's are the norm. In lower MI, we are at a normal temp in the low 70's which means we can still crank out points. In the South, you guys don't even sweat at 90.... right? That doesn't sound right now that I say it but.... The point is to please do what you can to help us coast through the summer months.

What to do with your folding rigs when you shut them down for the season? Pull them apart. Clear out the dust. Replace fans that need replacing. Think about upgrade paths. Keep an eye for hardware deals. <Insert your idea here>. Lets stay productive even when we power down. Come fall, lets hit the other teams hard and remind them who we are. WE ARE TEAM 32!

We are still chasing three teams but the CERN lab is chasing us again. Drilling down into the stats, thier #1 user outputs more than most teams. That user had slowed for a bit but has picked up again. My guess is that when they have work to do, they pause the Folding. Now they are going to take over 8 years to catch us at this moment and we will top three teams in just over 3 years. So we are still skewing up in that respect.

WhitehawkEQ is our #1 folder with dfonda #2. Each of them is earning over 30 million ppd. WOOT! The top 18 are all earning 1 million ppd or more.

HayesK and WhitehawkEQ are our only two 20 billion point holders.
torin, orion and dfonda are all in the 10 billion club. These are hard numbers to reach and these 5 have all earned in the 11 digit range. WOW!... I mean WOOT!!!!

BugFreak72 has earned 900 million.
slorch has 500 million.
ReXoR has 50 million.
rafjr00 has 20 million.

That's all for now. Be well and FOLD ON!
Sorry for your loss Don...been 30 years for me , and I still think of my "Old Man" most every day. (I hear his voice saying use the right tool...and my inner voice saying Dad...the other side of every tool is a hammer😇.)

For me I can keep where I am at fah until the PECO bill gets to around $350 (Which it hasn't come close to yet) Or till my wife says she is melting...which ever comes first...At that point I'll lose the 5-6 million upstairs but I can keep the mancave going all summer. In the fall I'll put the "Hawk" back in his place... :p :muahaha:

Congrats on the 'Stones Mates.:cheers:
At that point I'll lose the 5-6 million upstairs but I can keep the mancave going all summer. In the fall I'll put the "Hawk" back in his place... :p :muahaha:
HFM says I'm getting about 37-40 mil ppd, here is the kicker I have yet to install my new RTX 3080 12G cards, so don't get cocky there about putting me in my place :rofl:
Yea right and I'm Santa Clause, who did you order those from so I can see if your blowing smoke :rofl:
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I've had to reduce my production yesterday and today at the least. Possibly tomorrow too. We are in a heat event in the mid-west. What you folks in the South call "Wednesday". We are in a minor state of emergency. To save electricity for those who may need it, to reduce heat in the living spaces of my house and to reduce the usage of my central air, I have shut down my main rig with a 3080 in it. Temps should go back to normal around midnight tonight so I should be able to restart it tomorrow morning.

I still have my 3080, 3060 and 1080 running in the basement so I'm really just making the living spaces more comfortable. Unless you're my cats. They are in protest because the heat in that room is gone. To comprimise with them, I shut the register in that room to shunt the cool air to other living spaces. Stupid cats.
I feel your pain Don. The high here today is supposed to be 101, with a 108 heat index. That's not just Wednesday here, it's freakin hot!

We're supposed to be closer to normal temps in a few days. Hope your heatwave is short-lived.
Heat index in GA the same as in MI?! I won't hear of it. We're not supposed to be the same temp. ;) I also live very near Lake Michigan. Not on it as I don't have Chicago money but bicycle range to the public beach for sure. Humidity is up up and way up too which means that they really would prefer for people to stay indoors and cool during the high heat part of the day.
We had 90 here a few days ago, with expected 100+ in this week ... and the temp dropped to 60 yesterday.
I was folding for a couple of days and probably will do some more when I solve all the hardware issues, but I can do that only in my room and if temps will go higher then will be a problem. Another problem is the current electricity cost, about 50% higher than the last year and we have 0% tax until the next month, so will be only worse :censored: