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Used Mandrake first, now using SuSE. How do I...

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Mar 6, 2002
Monroe, Georgia
Get my Prostar Laptop to work at the proper resolution?

But first let me give you a quick run down on how I got into Linux. I downloaded Mandrake from thier site a few months ago. Burned 3 CDRs. Installed Mandrake and the resolution was perfect! I managed to get connected to the net using my network conncetion here at work. BUT I had no info on how to use Linux. So after the success of Mandrake, I decided to buy (gasp!) SuSE Professional 7.3 since it came with manuals that would help me. Now when I installed SuSE, my resolution is not as good as what I had under Mandrake 8.1 Also, I can't figure out how to connect using my network connection. Mandrake and SuSE look very similar, but I am confused why Mandrake set up my resolution correctly and SuSE didn't.

I know this may require a lengthy technical response, but I am at a loss for what to do and Linux is just taking up space on my HD until I can solve these problems.

Any ideas?


You should be able to get everything exactly how Mandrake had set it up. It sounds more like you or SUSE configured X incorrectly or just set the default resolution lower. Look in your book about configuring X, I don't feel like going through how to do it because it's been discussed many times.
Do Ctrl-Alt-F1 in X and login as root. Type:
init 2
Then press enter. Wait till it finishes working and then type:

Set up your graphics card again. If this doesn't work still, then I would have a look through some of the past threads in this forum - I can remember loads of different times that someone needed to set up X. Try using the search facility.