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Visiontek Geforce2 utlra DVI!?!?!?

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Aug 1, 2001
I purchased this card about 4-5 monthes ago off of ubid.com for only 250$ new with a 1 year warrenty on it. The card is awsome it has a svideo tv-output and a weird looking socket that looks like its a little bigger than the monitor plug but its more square like. Its called a Digital video input connector. I read the article that explained all of it off of ubid but it says nothing about the card in the manual I got. It just shows how to install and the open gl software. If I remember correctly it said if you got a reciever that just recepted the HDTV channels for you the card can do the digital conversion and put it out on your monitor for you or your tv. Has anyone ever heard of this before?!?! I'm not a complete idiot and I have never seen the same kind of connector that can fit in the DVI ever. The DvD's are incredibal off this puppy.
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DV is for a flatscreen digital monitor, which will set you back about $500 for a 15" (I'm not 100% certain, it's rarely used nowadays and I got my info second hand, so keep that in mind).

Don't ask me to explain how it works, but it doesn't depend on the RAMDAC to create frames, but rather sends a full digital signal to the flatscreen, and it descrambles it there to give the crisp image (I think).

The flatscreens are slowing coming down in price, I'd wait another year to get one. Of course by then you'll have (to get :)) a geforce 3 which, already, comes with DV on 50% of the geforce 3 cards made today.