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voodoo 4500 pci help

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Apr 16, 2001
I've got an Intel 810 board as my second computer and just got a good deal on a 4500pci. I installed it and it does help, but I'm getting some weird numbers.

In MDK my FPS is 30-33 no matter what settings I use in the drivers or if I overclock the card. Now I expected low numbers from this combination and my celeron 1 400, but shouldn't they scale a bit more... I get these numbers in resolutions from 640x480 to 1200x760. Regardles of antialiasing or hidden surface removal... Can anyone help?
In MHZ yes, but I saw some reviews of this card on some slightly higher end systems than mine that were getting over 40 at 800x600. Could it be an IRQ setting?
Sadly I don't know enough about the PCI bus to know.... I'll take it apart and put it in a different one.
I dont know much about the I810 chipset.
On most boards the pci slot closest to the cpu usually is.
Also when reviewer's benchmark a video card they usually turn the sound off in games as that can have an effect on framerate.
That's where I had it... Just tried slot 2 with the same results... I think the onboard graphics drivers might be interfering with the voodoo. The only way I can see to disable the onboard video is through the bios and then it only says which one to initialize first. I don't know how to totally remove it.
Well sorry I cant be of more help.
Read thru the motherboard manual you might find something in there.
Guess you will have to wait for someone who knows more about I810 and voodoo cards.
Goodluck to you :)