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Water cooling and PSU question...

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Jun 28, 2001
Purdue University
I am currently looking at the Ernemax 431w PSU for my EPoX mobo and AMD T-Bird 1.4 ghz. For cooling, I intend on getting a DangerDen or Aquastealth 2 water cooling unit. If i get one of these water cooling units, would i have to upgrade to a larger PSU? Lets say a 550w or even 600w? Im just trying to make sure everything will run smoothly...

The 431W will be sufficient for water cooling. I have my watercooling running off a cheaper 300W PSU and have no problems.
get the Danger den maze2 waterblock, and a eheim pump, but i do like the aquastealth aquacoil for the radiator, its very large though, but i think its the best that isnt a car type radiator, if you go with the cpu block from aquastealth, get the lexon clamp! their 'new socket clip' is terrible
if your going to be using a pletier, the MAZE waterblock + cold plate from aquastealth looks like it would be good, it has bolt down for the peltier to go between, i will probably be getting this when i step into peltiers